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I teach classical violin, fiddle, viola, mandolin, voice, and songwriting to all ages and all levels. Whether you are just starting out or you have been playing for a while, lessons are always wonderful.  You can give them as gifts, take them yourself, or have your child begin a musical journey.  



30 minute lesson: $25          

1 hour lesson: $50

2 hour lesson: $100


We can split up the lessons however you would like.  I teach many ways: In-person, Zoom, WeChat, FB Messenger, or FaceTime. 


For more information, please e-mail at:  Please put in the subject line: Lessons, and write a little about why you are wanting/needing lessons, the level you or your child is, and contact information so that I can speak to you over the phone. 


Thank you!

Lacie Blue

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