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Mountain Air Does the Mind and Body Good.

Let me tell ya-I feel pretty lucky. I recently had the opportunity to visit, perform, and enjoy Telluride, Co. Wowzers!!! If you haven't gone, save your money, and go! Nestled deep in a valley and a short gondola ride from Mountain Village, the quaint ski resort is beyond picturesque.

You may be thinking, "She hasn't been to Colorado?" Or... "Isn't all of Colorado the same?" The answers are the same-no. :)

Yes, I've seen mountains in Ireland and Austria-but never in America.

When the plane first landed, I was in awe.

Music has taken me so many beautiful places, and I thank God for that.

Telluride is definitely God's Country.

Not only did I have the joy of getting to share my music for some of my dearest friends and family, I got to make some of the coolest memories.

I white water rafted down a tributary (part of the Gunnison River) for 11 miles. I'll be writing a song about this soon! What a wild ride! The water was lower since it's nearing the end of the season. I don't know how we could have done it in June when the water was significantly higher. It was tough. With a great guide and strong teamwork-no one died or fell out!!

We went shopping in Telluride and Mountain Village. Yep-love shopping!! Found a tiny music shop and tried every fiddle in there. They have incredible instruments and knowledgeable musicians to help you.

One of the many awesome things about the town is that it is pet friendly. I'm a dog owner, (Piper the bluegrass Boxer and Rebel the 16 year old Yorkie,) and everyone had their dogs. In the shops, walking, running, playing, getting something to eat... You name it! Also, I did a very, very very small hike and took some cool pictures. Let's be honest, I only did it for the pictures. LOL! Oh and the food was the die for! (My low carb diet had to be put on hold. Haha!)

The best part was that I got experience it with my mom, (yeah, we're best friends), make new friends, and get to be a part of the biggest 3 day birthday celebration for a man I've known and respected all my life. Extremely proud to be called family.

Leaving was hard. When you are around people who take you in, and love you--you're in a town that is breathtakingly gorgeous--you just want to hang onto every second you get to be there.

People claim there's no place like home. Well, not for me. Home is where the heart is, and my heart is in many different places. But--I think mine could settle in Telluride! ;)

Always dream and dream big. Don't let anyone tell you that what you hope to accomplish is foolish or crazy. Don't listen to those who say you won't reach your dreams. Stay away from negative people. Work hard. Enjoy the struggle. You WILL get there. The ride might be bumpy and you may get distracted. You might get lost a time or two-but you will get there.

I guarantee you that if you get lost-find your way to Telluride. Hike up a mountain or river raft--you'll find yourself and your destination will clearer than ever before.

Fiddle on my friends,


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