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My Wishes

Hello readers!

I had a completely different blog for you today. One that I had written on my phone and saved to my notes. However, with the upcoming events, I got to thinking. And...if you really knew me; you know that when I think, I overthink and that is never good. LOL But....I'd like to tell you all some things that I wish and I hope for the future.

1.) I wish people would start seeing the beauty in things again.

This you already know from previous blogs. Instead of seeing all the negative things that are happening in the world; and let’s face it, there are some horrible things going on---seeing the hope and the beauty underneath the nastiness. If you need an example of seeing what lies beneath, listen to "The Rose." by Bette Midler. Really, truly, actively listen to those words--even google and read them. WOW! What a powerful message. Has the world really forgotten the beauty of life? We, as individuals, are beautiful. All of us! We all have the ability to be awful human beings, but showing kindness and love is what makes us gorgeous. Life--what does that mean to you? Think about that question. Is life a convenience or something to be loved and cherished?

2.) I wish people would love who they are.

Too many lives are lost every day because of not loving who they are. Someone, somewhere told them that their life didn’t matter. That person was wrong! Some people choose to be mean spirited. Key word: CHOOSE. We all have a choice on how we treat others. That ties in with no. 1. Love who you are. Know that you are worthy. If someone wants to rain on your parade-laugh at them and go on. They will begin to question their actions if you don’t pay them any attention. They might even try again, but don’t let them get under your skin. They will stop eventually. J The world can be tough-you have to be tougher. As people, we grow and learn everyday-let that happen. Respect yourself. Keep healthy: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Give yourself a break. Don’t try to overdo when you are exhausted. Know your limits but become limitless. Love who you are. Cherish every day, even when you aren’t feeling well. (I’m under the weather today, but it is an amazingly awesome Autumn, October day.) Find your soul purpose in life. LOVE YOURSELF.

3.) I wish we all could travel.

I learn more from travelling than a text book. Real world experiences are what we are all in need of. Other cultures can teach us so much-their history and knowledge can profoundly change the way we see our world. When I say “our world,” I mean it in many different forms. Our personal world and our universal world. There are 7 billion people in this world, most of those people are smarter than you and me. They have different ways of looking at things, learn from their perspective. By travelling more, you will see the beauty. In Ireland, the people make their country beautiful. In Austria and Germany, the architecture is tearfully bewitching. In all of those countries plus England, go into a cathedral. Even if you are not spiritual/religious or a different denomination, I swear, you can feel the presence of God. You will be weak at your knees and you can almost hear the lives that passed through those doors centuries ago. Wow! That took me back to my days overseas! Go to another state and to their local hangouts. Get to know the people. If I could, I would do nothing but play my music and travel. One day, I’m sure I’ll get there.

4.) I wish people would SHUT UP and LISTEN!!!

That was harsh. I know. I’m not sorry, though. We have one mouth and two ears, how is it that there is more blabbing on about nonsense than listening? If you listen, you might learn something. I’m not just saying to “allow” the other person to speak and you “hear” them. No, listen to their words, their emotions, their story, their opinions….accept them. You don’t have to agree, but you can accept them!! You can learn a lot from non-verbal clues as well. Say if someone rolls their eyes at you-that’s not something you like, right? Or what if they use their hands all the time? (I do that!) Sometimes I just can’t hold in my facial expressions! But, no matter what, I always let that person know that I listened to them and where I may not agree, I will do my best to always understand their views. Also, by listening, I mean allowing yourself quiet time. No music, no tv, to phone/text/social media—nothing. Go outside and sit. Listen to the birds and watch the squirrels. Stay inside on a stormy day (if you can), turn off the lights; and listen to the sounds of the rain drops hitting the roof. If you are an artist of any kind, rain is perfect for inspiration. It is for me. We have a lot to learn from our peers, different cultures, and wildlife. Shut up and listen. You will learn!

5.) I wish people would chill out.

We are all important-but with 7 billion people on this amazing planet, not one of us is more important than the rest. If you don’t feel “safe,” I’m sad to say that you are the only person who is going to have to fix that problem. Move to a new city, seek help from family, friends, and/or a therapist/life coach. You can’t sit around waiting and complaining. You can’t be “fixed” by someone else—you have to fix whatever is bothering you. If you feel your opinion is the right opinion, let me open up your eyes---an opinion is ours to have. Whether you believe it’s right or not is yours. Allow other people to speak and listen to them. Like in No. 4---don’t just hear, listen. You might learn a thing or two. Don’t get all up in someone’s jello over an opinion! Gee wiz! The longevity of our lives will be cut shorter and shorter by stressing over someone’s opinion. Don’t get all wacky on social media. Everyday its more and more on politics and tension between other cultures. Why? Because we think our opinion is the right one. Don’t get all narcissistic. Remember that the world does not revolve around you. It was here first. Keep on scrolling if you don’t like what others say. Don’t worry so much. What others do is not what you have to do! Keep positive. Keep smiling. Keep spreading joy and others will follow suit. I promise!

6.) My last and final wish. I wish that you love others the way you want to be loved.

Do I really need to say more?

Love others. No matter their beliefs, their opinions, their lifestyle…love them for being unafraid of being themselves. Love them the way you want to be loved. See their beauty. Listen to them. Understand them. Be there for them. Love them for loving and taking care of themselves. Love can conquer many things. Don’t spread hate. Love.

What are your wishes?

Fiddle on my friends!


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