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Caution *TOXIC PEOPLE* Danger 

You know, there are a lot of people out there who want to dull your sparkle. You can't let 'em! Just because they aren't getting glitter thrown at them, they think you don't need it either. In other words, you are getting more attention than them, and they don't like it.

They will attempt to be your best friend and wipe the sequins from your hair so you won't get them in your eyes or sweep the sparkly tinsel that's at your feet away-but in reality, they are trying to make you as stolid as they are. They don't want you to stand out amongst the crowd.

These are toxic people. I bet you know one or two-maybe more. They are everywhere and in every line of work. You don't need that type of negativity in your life. Stay away from them. Granted it could be difficult if you have to work with them-but when there's a will, there's a way.

When a toxic person finds they can't get under your skin and dull your sparkle, they will try to get to others that like you...your friends, other colleagues, students, name it. They can't get lower because they are already at the bottom; they want you there with them.

They know people will begin to talk and eventually word gets to you. You then begin to think what you should do. Confront them or leave it be.

My advice--leave it be. They are waiting for you to ask them questions and attack them. Don't give them that joy! Ignore them. It really, really gets to them! It's laughable how you get under their skin more by doing nothing than confronting them.

Don't get mad--get better. Work on your sparkle a little bit more. Don't stop being you because someone else can't shine.

As Dolly Parton once said: "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world!"

Smile. Laugh. Shine!!!

Never allow anyone to dull your sparkle!

Fiddle on my friends!


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