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Changes and Things Close To My Heart 

Well, 2017! We aren’t even 3 months in and changes have already started to happen! Exciting changes that are creating a better path for me musically and educationally. I’m more focused than ever before on my career in music and behavior sciences.

I recently began studying the Alexander Technique.  I's  a little about it before being truly enlightened in December. I was open and free to see what it could for me personally and my music making. Creating music suddenly became more effortless and my whole body felt better. IT WORKS! Granted I was open to it—but didn’t realize everything would take effect in such a short period of time. I highly recommend studying the Alexander Technique to anyone and everyone–especially musicians or someone with a high-stress job.  Really--it's for everyone! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Just came back from Marco Island, FL where I performed for a World Craniofacial Foundation event. I’ve been a part of this foundation for as long as I’ve been alive. Having the opportunity to perform my music for the foundation, families, and key donors was incredible. Anytime I’m able to share my music is wonderful, but this was very special. I know most people reading this have a charity or foundation close to their hearts….but I highly recommend checking out If you feel the longing to give, please do. If you haven’t listened to my song, “Back Together"--that was written for the founder of the WCF. If you would like a copy of that song or any song on this webpage, please contact me at or through this website. I ask for a $5 donation that will go straight to the WCF. If you would like to give more or to specific family/patient of the WCF, I will make sure of that as well.  Or-go to:

Normally don't ask for those types of things but, in a world that seems to be full of hate right now, I feel that love and light should win. Be the shining light in this world and help a family or patient in need.

Back to making changes... There are many things in my life that I plan to do. They aren't bucket list dreams; they are true plans. Without the necessary changes in my life, I cannot fulfill my very clear intentions on moving onwards and upwards in my career.

Someone once said that when you turn 30 everything begins to fall into place and the right opportunities come into your life. It sure seems like it.

I'm thrilled about 2017! I choose to make this year incredible!

Come with me on my musical journey!

Fiddle on my friends!


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