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Why Education?  

This blog was inspired by a social media post that I read on 2/26/2017. Someone posed this question: "Why does one need a college degree..." (or any type of education beyond high school.) Hmmmm. 

Let me first begin by saying this: 

There are people out there who are brilliant, that are making a huge difference in the world without a degree/license/certification. Yes-there are!!! BUT-they have a skill. They found their passion and worked extremely hard to get where they are today. Bill Gates comes to mind first. He dropped out of college and I think the whole world appreciates what he has done for technology. He is now giving back by giving college scholarships to those who could only dream of college.  

Let me pose a few questions:  

Who do you go to when you are sick? Who do you call when you have a problem with your air-conditioner or toilet? Who do go to when your back needs work? Your baby is born with severe facial deformities? Who would you search for when you have a child with a learning challenge?  

I could go on. 

Let me answer those questions for you.  

You call someone who has training in those areas.  

Would you not? 

Honestly, I can't believe someone posed this question on a social media page. It's 2017! I honestly thought we were moving forward in understanding how important education is--for everyone. Where are the go getters and those who are searching for their soul's purpose???  

Trade schools and college are vital! Even if you feel you aren't ready right after high school (which many of us aren't) there are other avenues, such as the armed forces. 

I went to school for music. It never fails, someone tells me how easy majoring in music they know! LOL! They didn't go! 

Let me enlighten those who question a degree in music or anything in the arts. I'll tell you how difficult and allow you to imagine. Beginning with the 21-22 hours each and every semester we have to take. That's roughly 12 classes-10 music classes and 2 academic "core" classes. Then we have to practice for all the symphonies, solo concerts, chamber ensembles, and private lesson materials we have. Beyond that, we have grueling exams that, if we don't pass them, we can no longer be a music major.  

If I didn't graduate from college, I wouldn't be where I am today. I learned to play more passionately, to fight for what's right, to love myself, to be more independent than I already was....and I fell in love with music all over again-every. single. day. Through the literal blood, sweat, tears--I found my calling in music.  

Education is everywhere. I learn best by experiencing, reading, speaking to others, and traveling. BUT-I would never have had the opportunities to learn in these many different capacities if it weren't for going to college. I would have NEVER gotten to travel internationally without my music degree.  

We need people to do every job out there. I appreciate every single person who gives it all they got, day in and day out.  

However, what I will never understand, are people who pose questions that are out of clear ignorance. It happens everyday, I just don't see or hear it.  

You know, maybe it wasn't...and it was "just a question"...but it struck a chord in me and I had to speak out.  

How can we get rid of hate? Knowledge. Education. Reading. Self-appreciation/self-awareness/self-care.  

These are all things that we learn and become aware of throughout our formal school years and into our next choice in schools...may it be college, trade schools, or the military.  

While this person was posing this question; thousands of others are dreaming about what school they want to go to...applying to their dream schools...interviewing for the chance for a scholarship because they couldn't go to college without one. But they have dreams. And they aren't allowing anyone to stop them.  

While this person was posing this question; hundreds signed up for the military.  

While this person had the audacity to pose this question; many more were opening up letters of acceptance and either rejoicing or crying. Signing up for a trade/certification/licensure program or practicing their skill that they work at for hours on end. Because they have a dream. 

Please know the importance education.  

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those that see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself." -Edmund Lee 

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