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A Little Magic Goes A Long Way 

I knew what I wanted to be from the time was 3 years old. When I was 15, I realized who I wanted to be in music.  

As a young musician, I had these heroes-these constant sources of inspiration that I'd watch and listen to. They created magic for me. (So thankful for this!) 

Today, I teach and perform. Lucky to do so!! But, sometimes finding magic can be difficult now. Yet, somehow, when I least expect it, it comes to me.  

For instance: a new violin, incredible people to make music with, and creative ideas flowing like crazy! Wow! (This also could be annoying to others!) LOL! 

Traveling for 11 hours to Nashville playing guitar and attempting to write a song in traffic, busking on the street in 37 degree weather while people throw money into a guitar case, playing music live on a radio station, and soooo much more! 

Being honest, music is a scary business to be apart of, but for those of us who can't live a moment without it, we work through our anxieties and take leaps of faith constantly. For when we jump, we find magic.  

The term magic and how I'm using it could be taken many different ways. It's your choice in how you interpret it.

Now this magic I'm speaking's what drives me to always be the best I can be. It's the external inspiration that quickly becomes internal. It's what gives me hope that one day people might know who I am as an artist...

What's your magic? Does it come to you or do you create it for someone else? Let's try to always do both. Be that source of magic for others, it will come back to you ten fold. 

Inspire your fellow artists, students, friends. You don't know how much they may need...a little magic. 

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