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It's Your Choice! 

Ever wonder why you don't feel secure in your sound as a musician? We often have this crippling self-doubt even though we have spent years and countless hours practicing. We don't see ourselves as incredible musicians nor do we love the music we make. We go around faking it till we make it, hoping others don't see our insecurities.

Ever feel completely alone as an artist? Like you are the only one going through a tough musical time? It's a gut-wrenching feeling. 

Ever wonder why others reach their goals before you? You then start to question your talent, your abilities--as if they are they only things holding you back from greatness. You don't even consider that it's not your time!

Have you ever felt done with it all? Like there is no use for your musical gifts in this world?

Ever feel that no matter how hard you try, no one, absolutely no one will see you as a force to be reckoned with in the world of music?

Well, my musical friends-I can tell you why you feel this way in one simple sentence!


Yep! Making incredible music is your choice. Feeing incapable of being your best and not reaching your goals, your choice!

You say, "I'm just misunderstood." Whatever! Your choice!

We are the worst judges of ourselves!! So stop judging yourself! It's your choice!

Stop and think.

Do you receive compliments on your art?

Do people tell you 'thank you' after a concert?

Do your true friends/colleagues tell you when you rock and what you need to work on?

Are you reminded everyday that you are worthy of making music from a friend, parent, colleague?

Let me ask you some deeper questions.

Do you help others through their difficult times as artists?

Do you build your fellow musicians up?

Are you a positive force in someone's life that could help them feel-not so alone-in music?

Being a musician has it's struggles. It truly does; but if you are really considering finding another job and completely quitting music--what would you do?

Make a choice today to stop feeling so darn sorry for yourself. Choose to help others. Choose to make incredible music. Make the choice to stop that negativity inside your head.

Be someone's positive, enthusiastic force!

Fiddle on my friends!!


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