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Hello Readers! 

If you have read my previous blogs or scrolled through Facebook to see the pictures posted along with them, you've seen a change in pattern of what I've been writing.  

I started a journey of making changes for myself and my music. Things like: taking online music challenges, studying the Alexander Technique, allowing myself to understand freedom--what it really means, and making true plans for my musical future.  

I'm a risk taker. However, I like taking manageable risks. I don't ever tell a lot of people what's going on--in fear that my plans will fall by the wayside and my dreams will be torn up rags of the disgusting truth of not being good enough to make it in the business of music.  

However, it seems like I need to come out and say it. I'm moving to Nashville. Yep, I'm taking a leap of faith and seeing if this music career is possible. I'm unafraid of failure and I'm ready for the lemons life may toss at my face. Gotta have those lemons to make sweet lemonade, right!?  

Now believe me, I will be back in Texas a lot! I still have the new Texas music television show I'll be co-hosting!! Yay!! I have my mom!!! (I'm sure she'll be visiting Nashville a lot, too!!) Have some great friends, students, and gotta play some shows in and around my hometown! 

Someone told me, a long time ago, to dream and dream big. That there is nothing that I couldn't do if I just dream. With those dreams come hard work and planning-but if it's your dream, you'll do it. Those dreams will come true in one way or another and NOT in your time! Amazing advice! 

I'm a firm believer in knowing when and where I need to be. And right now, I need to be in Nashville. Will it be forever? I don't know. Will I come back to Texas? I don't know. If I do-I'll be back home, still making music. I don't have my head in the clouds. I realise the struggles I'll face walking down this path of musical uncertainty.  

To those of you who have supported me and continue to believe in my music--thank you. I need your belief more than ever. I appreciate you coming to my shows, sharing my videos, commenting, and overall liking what I do. I appreciate it more than you will ever know! 

To those I've made music with in the past...thank you for making me stronger. We had some amazing times, truly! I don't regret one minute I spent arranging, travelling, and performing with you.  

To those I have the honor of making music with today--WOW! Y'all amaze me. The best part is, we were friends before we began making music together, therefore our music is deeply rooted. 

To those I haven't made music with yet--This is gonna be one wild ride! LOL! You ready?!?!??? 

If I come back to Texas after a while, have I failed? No. So many people move to musical cities such as Nashville in hopes they will make it big and a few years later they come back to their home towns--they have not failed, they gave it a try. A business such as music is very difficult to get into and work on a continuous basis. Everyone sees the glamour side of it, not the blood, sweat, and tears.  

Remember, music never truly hurt anyone. In fact, it heals. No matter the bumps and bruises, the heartaches, and unknowns I may endure; following my dreams is well worth it.  

This adventure is going to be tough-but I was raised to be tough. 

Fiddle on my friends!!! 


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