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See That Beauty!  Start A New Adventure! 

Go ahead, call me naive...but I truly believe most people are good. You know me and seeing the beauty in everything--being in Ireland, once again, has proven that peace is a possibility. The whole country changes my life every day I get to spend there.

Most of us go to visit places to see things-the world's largest ball of yarn or the Eiffel Tower... It's true, I go to see things, too-but you find that meeting the people and visiting with them are really why you travel. 

We spend so much time on social media and technology; our heads buried in our phones making sure we have wifi...I'm guilty of it too; that we miss meeting really cool people.

We also guard ourselves, a lot. Being careful is what we've been taught to do. Don't get too close, don't look at a stranger in the eye, put a scowl on your face to make you look unapproachable--- Too many horrible things have we don't talk to that person sitting next to us, ask a random person for help on directions, or dance the night away to one awesome classic rock band. Let go a little. Trust me, you'll be so thankful that you did! (Now, don't go out and be stupid, still make sure you are with someone and use basic common sense!!)

You learn by communicating. If you don't speak their language, smile...they'll smile back. Listen to them, everyone has something important to say.

Don't get me wrong, I've met/known some people who are completely toxic-narcissistic as all get out!! LOL! However, I still believe that most people are good. Some people have just lost their way or forgot they have choices.

So go travel, communicate, live life, have fun-be safe, but still see the beauty in everything and everyone. I'm a firm believer that there reason for every person that comes into your life and everything that happens...the timing is always perfect, too. Choose to see the good in everything and you'll notice how much beauty surrounds you.

Ireland, you didn't let me down. You've changed my life and taught me that letting down that guard a little more can prove to be the best thing I've ever done.

On to a new adventure...NASHVILLE!

Fiddle on my friends!


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