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We all have fears.  

It's very normal for humans to be afraid of something. However, take a step back and let's look at those fears from a new angle.  

Is it a basic fear of spiders or clowns? Or does it go deeper than that for you? Stage fright, death, losing the people you love in one way or another....failure?

 In case you are struggling with one of those today-let me clear it up for you. You are normal. We all fail at something. I am a terrible dancer, yet I kept dancing for 13 years and I love it to this day. But it's something I've failed at-completely! LOL!

Losing people we love is what happens in life. It totally sucks! People drift away from one another, they hurt each other, they lie...sometimes there is just a time limit on friendships. It doesn't ease the pain of saying goodbye but knowing that it happens everyday, helps. Misery loves company, right?  

Death. Well, not a happy subject. However, we have a tendency to believe "death" is an ending for everything. I don't like to think about it as much as anyone else but sometimes it can lead to happy things. Like---people truly showing how they care about you.  

Stage fright. Uuuuug! Something most of us musicians have dealt with and still go through it. We are artists and we want others to feel the same way we do about our craft. In reality, some will hate what you do. Don't care about them. Art is art. If we constantly care about what others think of our art, then we can't be open to all things. We are creators and being open is how we create. Building a wall around ourselves will leave little room to be completely free. Therefore, we can't be our best selves. 

When something big happens in your life, you may look around and see who is by your side through the good times and the bad. Those people can help you through your fears. Trust them. Be open with them. Because if they have wiped your tears, encouraged you, mentored you, made you smile when you are down, calmed you when you are freaking out...then let them know how much you appreciate them. Be open. I hope you do just as much for them as they've done for you. They deserve it.  

Fears. We all have them. Don't let them eat at you. Let them go. You'll have people to help you.  

Be FEARLESS and Fiddle on! 


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