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8 things we should STOP doing. NOW! 

1. Wasting time.

 While it is nice to sit in the quiet drinking coffee in the morning by yourself, contemplating the day---way too often we watch more television than we should, have our head buried in our Facebook accounts.... The list goes on. We waste more time doing nothing than practicing our music, writing, reading, studying, being out in the world getting to know others that are similar to you. Scrolling through your Twitter is not going to get you many places.

2.   Staying around toxic people.

      In music or any business, there are toxic people. We all know them. The ones that play the victim, make you feel horrible, make up lies about people to try to ruin their reputation... Narcissistic-all about themselves. Not caring who they push out of the way to get what they want-but when they get it, it's never to their satisfaction. Get away from them. If you can't-at least stay far away or don't reinforce their behavior. It might make them mad, but you were not put on this earth to try to make them happy.

3. Saying "yes" all the time.

      Don't get into that habit. There are people out there that will completely take you for granted. You do one thing free for them, the next time they ask you-and you charge them---they will throw a fit. If you constantly say yes, you will be over booking yourself, getting a reputation that you and/or your services are easily booked and you will do anything. Being too busy will burn you out. Take time to recharge. Remember, whatever you do in life-no matter if you aren't a musician, your health is vital. If you are overworking yourself and you are constantly tired--you will not perform the best you can.

4. Saying "no" all the time.

      Sometimes we feel as if our services as a musician (and other professions) are worth more than tips or a meal. Perhaps they are. However, sometimes those are best moments to have a really good time. There isn't any pressure.

Also, saying no all the time to friends is also not a good thing. They'll think you don't want to be around them and soon they won't invite you to anything. Those friends you thought you had are no more. You weren't the good friend. Go out and have fun!

5. Having fear.

    I talk about fear a lot. If we live in fear or play music fearfully-where is that getting us? No where!! Fear is merely a feeling, not a fact!!! What helps me get over any type of fear is thinking about points of ease. When we are afraid of something, our bodies tense up. Therefore, think of points of ease in your body. Breathe deeply and think of the space that surrounds you. Space goes beyond the walls of your home and you also have internal space. Soon, that fear will disintegrate. Kick those fear monsters outta your head!!

6. Having doubts.

     We all have them. It's easy to get wrapped up in doubting oneself and doubting others. Especially if you can't seem to get away from toxic people. After being around those awful people, then surround yourself with positive amazing people-you still doubt them. If they don't message you back or they say one thing that triggers an emotion that throws you back to past relationships.... Doubt creeps in. I know all about it. So we guard ourselves. Build up a wall so we won't get burned again. How is that helping us move forward in our lives? We certainly cannot be the best musician we can be. Living behind a shield prevents us from enjoying many things-especially performing our music. Don't doubt yourself or others so much. Be open and free.

7. Being fake.

     No one likes a fake person. So just stop. Don't talk yourself up as being something/someone you're not. Others will soon find out. If you don't play the guitar that well, don't say you're a guitarist. Ok?! If you aren't that good at something, don't pretend you're the best. Don't be nice to someone then turn around and talk bad about them. Plus, being fake takes a lot of energy and wastes time. Love yourself enough to be just be you. Stop being fake!!

8. Stop thinking there is a perfect time.

     There will always be bills to pay, things to do, and doubting ourselves. Luck is hard to come by. There may not be a perfect time to move, start a business, go back to school--where things may somehow fall into place for others-they may not for you. So build a door and go though it!! Create your perfect time. You never know what will happen with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Go out and have a great day!!

Fiddle on!


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