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The Passion and Support 

I've been struggling with what to write about for this blog. Probably started 6 of them and none of which I thought were worth reading. 

It's been almost 2 months since the big move and I love it here in Nashvegas! It's an exciting city. The job-isn't really a job because I enjoy what I do. I'm engulfed by the sites and sounds that murmur constantly in the streets. I get to meet people from all over the world who have a deep love for music, no matter if they are musicians or not. Have the greatest might think you do--but I do! LOL!!! 3rd and Lindsley is my favorite place to go hear amazing music for cheap. Met Suzy Boggus and The Time Jumpers.  

Had the opportunity to perform for ROPE-Reunion of Professional Entertainers. What a crowd!! Truly a blessing. 

I will say, I'm a true Texas girl though. Getting to come back and perform is so cool!! Loved getting to see every one you! You truly know how to make this girl smile.  

Now, let's really talk. It is hard as heck to make it in the music biz. Everyone here is amazing. The guy on the street playing spoons is fantastic. The waiters have their Ph.D's in opera. What makes me think I'll make it? What on earth?!?!? Why would I make it over someone else? What makes me different?  

I don't know what makes me better or different than anyone else. But I practice a lot and I constantly want to improve. I love performing. I've had this dream since I've been 4 years old....So have a lot of others.  

What I think I have that separates me from others working on the same goals.... I have support. Not monetary. But a group of people who have stood by me and my craft.... Who come to my shows. Who share and like my social media posts. Who write me messages of encouragement. The list could go on and on and on.  

You are the reason why I keep dreaming. That I keep working hard. That I keep performing and writing new material.  

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart--thank you.  

Separating music from the music business is difficult and I don't like dealing with that side. Thank goodness I have someone in my corner dealing with all that madness. I just want to perform. LOL! 

I write a lot about fears. How we should let them go. Well, I have fears. I have doubts. I have anxiety. However, none of that stops me. Because when I look out into any audience, I'll see someone I know. I'll get to perform with someone who makes me feel comfortable. I'll also make new friends. You see-that's what music is about. Bringing people together, healing, love....

What's stopping you? What's holding you back from doing something that you are passionate about? 

Bills? You will always have bills. Not an excuse. Haha!  

Dreams don't work unless you do.  

Please know that I appreciate all your support.  

Fiddle on my friends! 


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