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Early Morning Thoughts

I'm sitting here on my green couch at 5:08am with my prescription cat eye glasses on, drinking coffee-reflecting on this past weekend. If you follow my Facebook or any of my social media pages, you know that I just came back from performing in Wisconsin. What an incredible adventure! Plus I got to meet Jimmy Fortune and raise money for the WCF.

This morning I'm thinking about why I play music. I do this rather often, but today is a bit different. I'm not living in Texas anymore.

I'm in Nashvegas, baby!!!

Everyone is amazing, everyone has the dream, and everyone is in it for themselves.

It's just like the music scene in Texas but amped up about 2 billion times. HA! In between the thousands of people with their heads in the clouds, there are tried and true artists that are realistic in their approach to their musical aspirations-they are still in it for themselves, let's not throw everything out of proportion. LOL! But they aren't high on the thoughts that they are already a star. Heck! I watch some of these performers and I'm going "GEEEEEZ! I gotta go home and practice!" I proceed with caution wherever I go and whomever I work with. Cause again, we are in it for ourselves.

Some people think that just because we are musicians, we aren't business savvy. We deserve to get paid for what we do and how much we travel. Most of us have multiple degrees, day jobs/former jobs in completely different areas of expertise. We aren't dumb. Now-I can't help the fact that some people truly believe us to be not so bright. We don't make music only for the money. There's about 1 % that does-the rest of us make music because it's in our very soul and if we couldn't play music, we don't what we would do for the rest of our lives. There may be great money making avenues that come our way that are non-musical...we think about them long and hard, in the end, music wins out. We would rather work to barely pay our bills and play music than anything else in the world.

You see, music builds bridges. It connects people. There are some dirty, low-life, crazies out there who want to take your money and waste your time with recording/performing opportunities that prove to be out. However, that percentage is small. (It feels big but it really isn't). No matter what, music has this magical way of bringing people together who wouldn't necessarily be brought together--of course it's a God thing, too! You'll win some and you'll learn some.

You are still in it for yourself but when you make those connections, you're with others who are in it for themselves, too. LOL! You have the same goal. That's crucial.

Oh music... The business side may not always be the best and brightest but the creating, connecting, performing, and meeting people who enjoy the craft makes everything worth while.

Not everything that glitters is gold-but it still shines!

I play music for so many reasons. The #1 reason is because I love it. I hope that's the reason most people play music. Whether you have the dream of making it big or just being able to play in a jam session confidently--I hope you love music. If you don't play it-I hope you love to support music and the people that create it. We are nothing without you. We love and respect your support.

Till next time-

Fiddle on my friends!


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