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A Safe Place. Our Primary Instrument. Thriving off of Fear.

I haven’t been taking very good care of my primary instrument—myself. As musicians, we often forget that our bodies and minds, come first. We make sure that we practice and take care of our 2nd instrument...whatever we play/sing. We hustle and forget that without rest and rejuvenation, we won’t be our best selves.

Why do we do this? I guess maybe because it’s where we feel safe. Our voice, our guitar, fiddle, etc... that’s our safe place. If we focus and look deeper within ourselves, we might reach a place of fear. There is something that scares all of us. Taking care of our primary instrument helps clear those unwanted fears. Those doubt monsters can be swept away like dust but we must be unafraid to face them first.

Some people thrive off of that place of fear within themselves and they constantly laugh in its, I haven’t reached that point yet. Around December of 2016, I began the Alexander Technique; I’m much better at knowing when to stop and do the cycle or constructive rest. Flushing out the fear. Since I’ve moved to Nashville, all I think about is how I need to work more and longer on my music and be the hardest worker in the room. However, you come to find out, that’s what everyone else is doing too- so you work harder than you ever have before.... forgetting your primary instrument.

If negativity is around you-move.

If hatefulness is getting to you-pray.

If you can’t face your fears yet-take one day at a time. It’s okay!!!

If people’s words are rolling in your head causing you to question everything-to heck with them! Talk to someone who is a positive force in your life. If they are really your friend, they will listen and help.

The one thing I think we all need to hear is that it’s okay. It’s totally alright to have fears. Not okay to let them linger and not take care of yourself though.

No matter where you are in life, you will have haters. Get over it. I know, easier said than done...I find myself not being able to get over things too quickly sometimes. Kinda makes me angry at myself...then I realize that it’s okay. I’m normal. LOL!

There will be people who want to “help” you. They will try to force you to compromise your craft. If you have to compromise-that’s not helping. Leave that situation.

There will be those who actually care. Listen to them. The ones that are brutally honest are the ones that are real. They will be there for you through thick and thin. Compliment you but also tell you where you need to work. Don’t take their honesty as harsh or mean... They truly want to help. Wouldn’t you prefer someone tell you what to work on rather than fill your head lies and you get hurt and heart-broken?? I would. Let’s face it-you’re gonna get hurt-that’s life. But being built up so much to where you are ridin’ a high horse—you’re gonna get thrown off soon.

Stay humble.

Work smart.

Take care of your primary instrument.

Love what you do.

Keep making beautiful music and fiddle on my friends!


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