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Thank YOU For a Wonderful 2017!

2017... What a year! I feel like every year just gets better and better. Truly. So many things have happened and changed. I could start at day 1 of 2017, but that would be a book instead of a blog. Ha! Instead, I’ll share some highlights.

Had the beautiful opportunity to play a few tunes on a yacht in Florida for the WCF. WOW! That was when I realized I had to make a change in my life.

I resigned from teaching middle school orchestra. I love teaching. Nothing will ever change my passion for educating young minds. However, my passion for performing was pulling me-actually pushing me to make a change. Taking chances is something I’m not that good at. I really like to be able to pay my bills and have a career. However, being a musician and loving music the way I do-I had to take a chance. With that chance, I knew financial security and a career wouldn’t be what I’d have quickly. Yet-I do. Beyond blessed! Working at The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is the coolest job I’ve ever had! It’s like a musical Disneyworld.

Getting to share my original music—I love my hometown-I do!’s rare that I had the opportunity to play and sing my own work. I get it-You go to hear your favorite songs, not something you’ve never heard before in your life...but I always like to throw in one or two originals! In Nashville, I get to do my own work, all the time...unless I’m fiddling with a rockin’ band/songwriter. People listen, too! It’s so neat!

I went back to Ireland. This time with my mom and I drove!! Haha! Driving Ireland is something I think one only does 1 time. LOL! But what an incredible experience. Ireland will always be a place that guides my heart into the right direction. It makes me think clearer and reminds me to see the beauty in everything.

Coming home for shows. I LOVE coming to ETX and doing solo shows. The support I have—it amazes me. I truly never thought that people would come to just see me and listen to what I have to say. Thank you!

I had the honor of opening for Jimmy Fortune and playing a few tunes with him in WI. Super nice guy who always remembers your name and is incredibly talented. He wraps an audience in and they adore him. Plus, we got to raise money for the WCF.

Earlier in the year, before I moved and after I moved to Nashville, I played a few duos with my favorite fiddler from ETX... Our videos hit almost 5000 views on Facebook. That’s a lot of views in my opinion. You know you’re a lucky person when she wants to play a few tunes with ya and mentors you to be the best. Thank you, Jonna. I hope we can play more music together soon!

I worked a few big time events with stars such as Brian Ahern, Emmylou Harris, Ricky Scaggs, Jerry Douglas, Darius Rucker, Kix Brooks, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban. Although, I don’t get star-struck-it’s pretty awesome to work with them, even if it was just making sure they don’t get trampled by random crazy people.

I began to co-write with people in Nashville. Talk about inspiring! My name is kinda getting out there as a fiddler, too. A few people are asking me to play gigs with them—hopefully that will turn into something wonderful.

I got to spend the holidays in ETX. Although, I gotta say-Tyler, you need more Christmas decorations around town! Nashville looks like it threw-up Christmas and Tyler felt like it was already Valentines Day. WHAAAAAT?? Even Hobby Lobby had spring stuff out before Christmas. WOW! Where the spirit?!? Nonetheless, ETX, you are in my heart always and I love spending time here.

MOM-thank you for always letting me be myself. You pick me up when I feel I've fallen, you're always there when I need you, and want me to find my dreams-not just follow them. Your support and unconditional love means the world. You’re the best! Truly!! I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

To all who come to my shows, post on my FB, Instagram, and Twitter, watch-like-share-comment on my videos, send me kind messages of encouragement—Thank you. As a person and as an artist, I need it. The music business is a business just like every other business out there-only full of very creative people and where we are very thick skinned, we are quite sensitive, too.

2017 wasn’t just wonderful because of the incredible things I got to do—it was fantastic because of all of YOU. You made it special. You are reason why I play and create music.

I can’t wait for the new adventures in 2018!

Fiddle on my friends!


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