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Kindness Matters

I’m a big fan of kindness. It can go a long way. When people intentionally try to be mean, caddy, snarky, or just plain rude-usually there is something deep inside them that makes them act that way. When you smile at them and you are nice; they don’t know how to react.

Being kind can be difficult. There are times you are going to wonder why you should be kind. If this attitude is usual for this person—hurt people hurt people. It won’t hurt you to be nice. You never know how it might impact their life. It may not impact them right away but it might in the future. If this isn’t normal for this person—ask them, “How are you doing?” They could be going through something personal and haven’t told anyone. If they unload on you, listen. Don’t try to “understand;” just listen. They don’t want you to say “I’m sorry” or “I totally get what you are going through;” because you don’t. Each individual experience is different. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason-listen more than you talk.

Being kind takes a lot of personal work-on yourself. Life is 10% action and 90% reaction. Stop and think before you speak. “How does reacting negatively help me?” If someone is blatantly rude to you-speak in a quiet tone how that made you feel. If you raise your voice, you gave them the reaction they desired.

We’ve all heard the saying “Kill em’ with kindness.” When someone is wanting you to react a certain way and you don’t-it kills them a little on the inside and it also makes them think-“why is she/he being nice when I was mean?”

If people don’t like you because you are too kind, that says more about them than it does about you. Wouldn’t you want to be remembered as the one who was nice to everyone rather than the one that wasn’t?

In any business, there will always be someone who isn’t very kind. In the entertainment biz, there are lots.

Rude people especially don’t like it when the one who is kind and nice gets further in life than them. Gee-I wonder why? Lol!! Bitterness and jealousy, meanness and envy—those aren’t good looks on people.

No matter your scars that may run deep; the pain you have gone through, the love you may have lost—-kindness always pays off. A smile can cause a domino effect. A sweet comment can change an outlook. A belief in someone can change their world.

Be kind to someone today. You might be changing a life.

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