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Don't Forget

I haven’t blogged in a while. Much has gone on and I’ve felt I’ve had other things to say in a different form of writing. 

This blog is about not forgetting. Even though I’ve based things off of what musicians shouldn’t forget, I believe it is geared to all. 

Don’t forget: to be grateful. You are on a journey and people are helping you in many ways, may it be financially, emotionally, physically, psychologically, inspirationally, etc. Be grateful to your mentors and the people who support your endeavors through the means they can. They are the ones you’ll be able to turn to when times get tough. (Family, friends, and fans.)

Don’t forget: to stay positive. No matter what business you are in, people will want to dull your sparkle. Don’t let them. Stay happy and positive. If you want to cry or get angry-do it in private. Give yourself 5 minutes to get over what hurt you and then work five times harder but smile the entire time. If you’re in music, there are a whole lot of people wanting to kill your spirit-smile and never let them know what they do effects you.

Don’t forget: if you’re going to be starving artist—Make Art. I’ve said this before. If you really want to be the best you can be in your field, make sure you are truly working on it.

Don’t forget: to Remain Neutral. No matter if you are a big star or an up-and-comer.... nobody really wants to know your opinion. If you remain neutral you will gain a lot more fans and friends. If you don’t know about politics or education or underwater basket-weaving...don’t talk, tweet, post, or snap-chat about it. Drive in your lane.

Don’t forget: to always have something nice to say. Don’t talk about someone behind their back.  If someone talks badly about someone to you, they’ll talk bad about you, too. So say something nice. If you can’t see at least one thing good about a person, you might want to ask yourself, why? (Unless someone is truly a psycho, there is always something good you can’t find in a person.). Say nice things and and be a good person.

Don’t forget: to take care of yourself. If you need a break, take one. If you need to go on a road trip, do it. If you need alone time, take it. Meditate. Pray. Journal. Dance. Swim. Exercise. Do something that keeps your mind active but also takes care of your body and health. If you don’t have your heath—you can finish that sentence. Take a break-it might re-inspire you. Go for a walk-nature always rejuvenates ones soul.

Don’t forget: that you are worthy. That one doesn’t need any explanation.   

Don’t forget: to think differently. If we want to change people’s perspectives on the arts-we can’t change them by thinking logically. We must change their minds creatively. Try to remind them why art is important in their lives. 

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