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Be A Light

As the days rush by me, I have to often stop and slow down. It’s easy to get wrapped up in reaching for a dream. Especially a dream that seems to be unreachable and impossible at times.

My mind can get trapped in show dates and preparation for performances, then those days come and quickly pass. I can easy get tangled up in how I think a performance should go and how it actually goes. We all do this. It’s in a performers nature. We want to stop this awful mind-trick, but doubt still creeps into our brains. We begin to over-think and questions run over and over in our brains. For example: 1. People told me they were sick and couldn’t come to the show...were they really sick or just didn’t want to come? 2. I made one mistake in the two hour show-was it noticeable or did it ruin the entire show? 3. Are these people who came to the performance really coming to support me and my music or are they there to see me fail? 4. *I overheard someone say, “I wish she would do “this”* Why did they say that and what am I doing wrong for them to say something like that at my performance? 5. Should I be confident in my performing? I know I’m well-trained in what I love to do but am I truly doing all I can? See how each example question takes a negative spin? That’s something that is hard to stop doing to ourselves. We torture ourselves on a daily basis with negative self-talk. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that this mind game can be stopped. The more I perform, the more I write, and the more professional people I have the honor of working with—the more I understand that there will always be difficult roads ahead, negativity, people who don’t care and want to see you do poorly. If you work hard at your craft, love what you do, and share it with the world humbly—-the negativity fades away. The doubt creeps back into a dark hole (until it can find a way to sneak back up again,) and positive people will surround you. Make sure you are around people that carry a light within them. You can instantly tell those who do and those who don’t. It’s in their eyes, their voice, and how they treat others. It’s almost as if you can feel their positive energy miles away. They share their light with others. They give all they can to everyone without wanting anything in return. We should all be like that. We can learn more from light carriers than those who walk with negativity. Even the word “negativity” harbors dark and unwanted thoughts and feelings We have a choice in being a light or being a dark force. We have the freedom of making a good impression on someone or a bad one...and that impression lasts forever. Creatives have a tendency to be a little more sensitive than others and we take things very seriously. It’s who we are. We also want everyone around us to be happy—so we do our best to make others smile and feel good about themselves. We are entertainers but deep in our souls we truly want others to smile, laugh, dance, cry, trust us, and we also want to share our light. We can really get down on ourselves but it’s also our choice to get back up and continue to share the light. Be a light. Stay positive and hopeful especially when life gets a little tough. Throw away doubt and negativity. Don’t wish others failure. Support and believe in people. (There are beautiful people in this world). Be the person you always wanted in your life. Fiddle on my friends!! Lacie

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