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Being Bolder Than My Lipstick 💄👄💋

Wowzers! What a year it has been! It’s technically still 2018 for a couple of more weeks.  I wanted to write a holiday blog before everyone is busy with their New Years resolutions that we will hopefully be successful least the first couple of months.  😂

Am I still living in Nashville?  I get that question a lot!!  Nashville! Yes, I’m still here and loving every minute. Truly. For me, it’s place of joy and creativity, love and passion. I may be a Texan by blood and my pride runs tried and true, but I’m a Nashvillian by craft. Let’s talk about dreams.  Everyone has a dream of some kind.  When we begin to think about our New Years Resolution, why don’t we set goals to reach our dreams?  I’m going to see if it works for me.  Will you be apart of this goal setting with me for 2019?  I say be bold. Bolder than any other year.  Push aside our fears and go for the gold! 

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to put myself out there as a person.  As a musician, the stage is where I’m free to be myself...I feel unchained.  Never let your weaknesses weigh you down.  Let your dreams and passions help you fly.   So many exciting things have been and are continuing to happen in 2018. My debut album, “Nothing is Real,”  was released in October! How people are receiving it is absolutely mind-boggling. The kind words, sharing of the music, etc. just warms my soul. Two books coming out in Spring 2019! I’m so completely thrilled to have been the co-writer for both. Traveling and performing—I even learned to canoe on the tour. The people I’ve come into contact with are the most important...they help me see how great I can be and push me to get there. They see me. The real me. I love you all! ❤️ I had a day job for 8 years. A job that I could provide for myself/others and not struggle. I didn’t have to worry about paying bills or how I was going to buy gas to get to and from the places I needed to be. I wasn’t exactly living in easy street by any means but I was making a good living. Moving to Nashville was a well thought out plan that I had for almost two years. I had a dream but many obstacles kept falling in my path to musical freedom. Finally, I had to make a final decision; one that I knew would lessen my financial stability. I had to take a leap but with that leap, I had to have faith that everything was going to be better than it was.   I live by a saying: “Your current situation isn’t your final destination.” It’s a simple saying but holds so much truth. I enjoy the struggle of being an musician/songwriter/author because it makes me a stronger person and better at my craft. There are many times when I doubt my abilities but let’s be honest, we all do. As I’ve been rambling on about many different things, I must end my blog with this: I’m grateful for every single person who has and continues to support me and my art. When I doubt my abilities, I can see the wonderful social media comments and shares of my posts, the texts of kindness, and I can replay the beautiful words that people have said to me over the years about my music.

I make music for the world, not just for myself. It is my greatest passion in life. I’ll leave you with this: Dream. Know your current situation isn’t your final destination. Don’t doubt your abilities. Be grateful for life and the people that support you. Pray. Listen. Enjoy the struggle. Tell those that help you, inspire you, and influence you; thank you.  They are a true gift.   Make 2019 goals attainable!! For me, I’ll keep my 2018 resolution: To be bolder than my lipstick. 💄👄💋 

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