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Having Faith

This is the third blog I’ve started and finished-yet this is the one that made it up for January. It’s cold and dank here in Nashville. Hardly a day without rain. Winter seems like it will never end and the same is true for the month. We’ve even had a dusting of snow. January is difficult for a lot of people. We can blame the holidays, politics, family-but in reality we can only blame lack of faith. If you have ever struggled with something, then you know how much faith you must have. As someone who has decided to pursue this crazy dream of being a full-time musician/writer; I struggle with having faith. Faith in myself, in others, even in God. I keep a very tight circle-I’m quite introverted when I’m not performing and social settings outside of music/creative outlets are almost foreign to me. I write about being bold because I need be bolder. I need to trust a little more. I need to have more faith. Hurt people, hurt people. Be very aware of that. Broken people who have lost faith aren’t bad people and sometimes they are the ones that help you find your faith again-and you can help them. Those who have rebuilt/restored their faith are generous beings that will guide you. Yet, we are all broken and that’s okay. We are perfectly imperfect. Love yourself!! As Ernest Hemingway said, “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Now, please don’t read into this blog thinking that I’m only meaning faith in a religious way. Believing in a higher power is a choice—you must decide what is divine to you and what you will have faith in. You must have faith in yourself. Without that-loneliness settles in. Faith in others—we need people. Let’s face it; we can’t walk in our brokenness nor our faith alone. Snow—no matter how much we receive or how we think about braving the storm; those individual, beautiful ice crystals cover our streets making them anew. I stood outside one Sunday evening and allowed the snow to land on my face. I was struggling that weekend with faith. My mind had faith but my heart; not so much. I closed my eyes and as the snow melted and the quiet wind blew around me; I suddenly felt restored. The Nashville winter helped me breathe a little easier because my faith in everything increased. I want us all to be our bold, beautiful, broken selves and go out tomorrow and everyday following, having faith. Faith in ourselves, in people, the world, and whatever is truly Divine to you. Fiddle on my friends! Lacie

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