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Oh! The Struggle!

Raise your hand if you struggle with confidence. We all struggle.  Especially people in the creative arts.  Even if you aren’t in the world of arts, you might struggle too. Sometimes we feel we are alone in this fight.  Other times we ease our mind with the saying, “misery loves company,” because we know we aren’t the only one. Here’s how I see it... Struggle is good. It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but it really builds character and allows us to be more human than Superman or Wonder Woman. It humbles us. Let’s face it—we all get a little big for our britches and we need to never do that again. The higher we are, the harder we fall. Been there, done that...never gonna do it again. We aren’t THE best. Nope. No matter what your teachers or your parents have aren’t the best. You can be incredible-even and expert, but there will always be someone better. Don’t compare. You’re not in competition with them. Be YOUR best. Work hard. Don’t talk about doing it. If you aren’t having fun, then maybe you need to find another job. If you don’t enjoy the struggle of being an artist, then it really might be time to find the one thing that makes you truly happy. I could go on and on about how, at times, I feel that I could have a stable job with financial security-a nice house, etc...but I’ve done that and I couldn’t do it anymore. I wasn’t allowed to be creative; therefore I wasn’t having fun. I prefer my life I have now-a struggling artist that creates art 100% of the time. When you love what you do; it’s not work. Find your happiness. If you are happy with doing what your passionate about; you will succeed. None of us are Mozart. No matter what you do in life...none of us are going to be like Mozart or Einstein. 😂 We were not born to be the “next so-and-so.” Be yourself. If people don’t like your art; you’re either really bad or you have created something so different that others don’t understand it yet. 🤩🤭 Loretta Lynn once said, “In order to make it in the music business, you either have to be first, best, or different.” Here’s where confidence can play a big role. If you believe in your craft; keep at it. People will begin to understand it; thus, begin to like it. Think about Stravinsky and “Rite of Spring.” People threw tomatoes and apples on the stage while the ballet was going on. They hated it. Thought it was scandalous-caused a riot in Paris. A few years later, people LOVED it. Be a trendsetter. You were born an individual not a copy. Own it. We are a work in progress. None of us are perfect. I am a perfectionist but in time, I’ve learned that beauty lies in the imperfections. I do tend to fall into the black hole that is perfectionism sometimes, but grateful I have people around me telling me it’s okay not to be perfect. Growth is key. As long as you keep growing, you’re doing well. If you have a tribe of people surrounding you, encouraging you—you got this. When you’re down, they will lift you up. It’s difficult to trust sometimes. I get it. We live in a world where false people come into our lives and don’t want the best for us. The people that you can truly talk to, that straighten your crown when it’s a little crooked, and are honest with you—are your tribe. It might take years and a new state to find them but everyone has those people somewhere. Cherish them and be grateful for them. You never know how you’re helping them. Day after day, we may have our ups and downs. Make sure you’re keeping healthy. Go to an exercise class, find a choir to join, a writer’s group...something. I know that I have my times of anxiety—I signed up for dance/workout classes. I study the Alexander Technique, and I write/practice a lot. I sing in a choir, now. These things keep my mind at ease. Occasionally, I fall into a bad mindset but I have my tribe to lift me back up. There are days when I feel 8000 years old. 😂 I’ve done a lot in my time, yet I haven’t even scratched the surface. All that stuff in the past, is the past. It built me up for what’s coming next-my future. Same for you. Your past is creating your future. Everyday create something. Everyday fight the fight. What happened yesterday is merely the past—live in the moment and make each second great. Love the good, bad, and in between nanoseconds of life. Know when to rest, but push yourself to be YOUR best. Soon the struggles of the past will seem like nothing. Confidence will come. Remember, if you are overly confident, thinking you are THE best—you won’t grow anymore. Remain humble. You’ll get time. Fiddle on my friends! Lacie

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