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Meant To Be

There are some things in life that are unexplainable. I could ask myself why all day and never come up with any answers. It’s like close-up magic; you see it happening right in front of your face yet you can’t ever figure it out. You think and ponder over what just happened but you’re left wondering. Two years ago I took this wild leap of faith. Rolling into Nashville at 3:30am on July 4th, I began a new journey. Almost like a new life. I came from a small town and I tried to fit but I was shaped wrong. Granted, I really tried to fit until I realized that it didn’t matter; I didn’t need to. Once I came to that realization, nothing fazed me. That’s when I knew I was ready for Nashville. The city had been calling me for some time but I wasn’t listening or maybe I refused to pick up the phone. Whatever it was, I feel like I made the move at the perfect time. Between July 4, 2017 and today, big strides have been taken. My album, “Nothing is Real,” came out in October and has had good success for a first release. Performed in a new musical, my one-woman show has been a hit in the mid-west, and traveling with Jerry Vandiver on his paddle songs tours have been fantastic. I always have so much fun performing music with him. The biggest thing to date is the book I co-wrote with the brilliant, Thornton Cline, “Profile of a Hit Songwriter,” published by Hal Leonard/Centerstream Publishing. Wowzers! What an honor to be apart of such an incredible book. So many amazing people took part in an educational, musical, psychological, and informative songwriting book. To have been able to interview genius songwriters, producers, artists, psychotherapist, and pediatricians....I’m in awe at their generosity. Moderating a panel at NAMM about the book I co-wrote was never something I thought I’d my wildest dreams!! My panel was flipping brilliant! How each one of them brought their own flair to questions; their souls rang out and everyone in the audience was so enthralled by their knowledge. They were so generous with their expertise—they told it like it is and shared insightful tools for the songwriters of today.

I learned a lot about myself in the past two years. I found out that I have an amazing support system—from Texas to Nashville and all across the world. I learned that if I keep believing people are generally nice, then my outlook on life is completely different than if I hide inside myself and hold back. I’ve always had guts and grit, determination and drive, but I never really realized how much I have. Or maybe it comes and goes... I also learned to have faith in new paths being created and new relationships being made. It’s incredible how things form when you least expect it. I could try to figure out why but how would that make a difference? I’d rather just feel the magic that has been made and that is surrounding me with warmth and beauty. In the silence is when I can feel it most.

Like an easy rhythm-my heart beats a little differently these days. When I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a musician and songwriter. I didn’t know how I was going to get to that point, but I was determined. My life has zipped around many roads—dirt roads without any pathways mostly. I wouldn’t give back any experiences and I definitely don’t regret anything that I’ve gone through or done. It’s my testimony. I must say that before moving to Nashville, I wasn’t very gutsy when it came to asking people to do things. Sometimes I still revert to that shyer part of myself. It isn’t necessary anymore. I don’t have to feel voiceless. So many people can make you feel that you don’t have a say or you shouldn’t talk about certain things...even goals and dreams. Write them, speak them, go after them. If you get a few no’s down the line, that only means a yes is coming. Don’t give up. Even if you are alone in the fight; keep going. You won’t be alone for long. You will find your tribe. Ask questions. Don’t be ashamed in asking for help or people to do things. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. If you’re like me, you don’t like the word “no,” so keep at it until you receive that “yes.” Music is the closest I’ve ever come to real magic. It sparkles as it ebbs and flows around me. At the book launch and the NAMM panel...magic was created. I don’t know how or why but it was glittery and came in all colors, shapes, and forms. At this point, I’d love to thank everyone who came out to help, support and participate in the events that went on. You didn’t have to but you did. You could have said no but you said yes! I learned a beautiful Yiddish term, bashert (beshert), meaning “meant to be.” This magic was meant to be no matter if I ever know why. Keeping dreaming. Keep living. Keep being YOU and everything will fall into place. Fiddle on my friends... Fiddle on! Lacie

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