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Let’s Get Global on Music Education

2020... Certainly an interesting year. It hasn’t been easy. Global unrest is happening and I don’t have any words for it. All I can do is help in the only way I know how...Music.

For seven years, I taught orchestra. Granted, that is really not enough to count-comparatively speaking. However, I have 12 years of educating in classrooms all over the world; EC-Collegiate level. For those seven years, I fought for each and every student that graced my classrooms. (Sometimes I taught in auditoriums, portable buildings, closets, cafeterias—at least I had a place to teach). My students hadn’t seen any string player that looked like them before. They didn’t realize their cultural history in music. They had nothing to grab hold of and say—“If they can do it—I can too!” So I showed them. I taught them. They performed all genres of music from many different cultures. This wasn’t enough though. We need to do more! Having moved from my hometown to Nashville, TN, I have been able to speak on Global Music Education, the Psychology of Hit Songwriting, and the importance of Cultural Music in classrooms. Let’s continue the discussion and always listen.

I have compiled a short list of websites, organizations, and articles to share, inform, and help students, teachers, parents; etc. By no-means is this list complete and I’ll be adding to it. If you have anything to add or share—please send it my way.

Music is the international language. It can and will bring bring peace—one note at a time.

Fiddle on my friends! 🎻

Lacie C

BFA Music Education/Violin Performance

MS Psychology


The Sphinx Organization

Regina Carter (Jazz Violinist)

Rhiannon Giddens (Fiddler/Banjo, Singer/Songwriter)

Rhiannon’s IBMA Key Note Speech:

Trace the history of the Banjo:

Black Violin (Duo Violinists)


Rachel Barton-Pine

Women in Music Associations/articles

Asian/Asian-American Music Associations

African/African-American Music Associations/Articles

LGBTQ+ Music Associations and studies

Indian Music Associations

Native American Music Associations

Jewish Music Associations

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