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 Come see me!  Booking available! 

May 25, 2023                        Fairlane Hotel Rooftop Shoot and Show (solo)                           7:00p 

May 31, 2023                         St. Luke Cumberland Presbyterian (writers round)                   6:00p 

June 23, 2023                       Private Party 

September 2, 2023               Private Party


September 30, 2023            Private event for the Cowan Circle Members                               7:30p

                                                 (With Becky Buller, Richard Trest, and Jake Wildhorn)

                                                  Become a member today and don't miss this epic performance! 


April 21, 2024                       R & R Concert Series                                                                           4:00p, 

                                                 Click here for tickets! 



 More dates to be added! 

Love and Peace-






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